About me

I'm a small woman, now 65 years old and have managed it: my move from a small town near Munich to Gozo in the countryside. 

I am independent, curious, optimistic and humorous. I love reading, writing, telling stories and last but not least travelling. 

In the past I worked as an accountant and now I welcome my guests to my house in Qala. 

If I've been travelling before, the world comes to my home today.


Writing is a passion of mine. 

For years I have been telling on my blog about my travels, destinations or personal things. Which journeys, hotels, ships and regions did I particularly like and give special tips for my destinations. Now I also report about my experiences and experiences with my new home Gozo. 


My motto is: Life is change 

“What does she want on Gozo?"; You can ask. Well, I can explain that. 

Thanks to my father and the custom of international companies to send their executives from one location to another and always their families must move with them, I got to know Germany from north to south. “Moving and discovering"; became our motto in life. I learned early that life is change. 


The journey continues 

When I started to work it was from moving out traveling. The discovery of new worlds became a hobbyhorse. 

When I retired, I was looking for a new field of research and moved to Gozo to get to know my new home thoroughly.



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